I am in love with and passionate about... Women.


I delight in unveiling their femininity, their sensuality and charm through images which enhance them, sometimes with accessories: jewels, hats, gloves, shoes and lingerie...

I am continuously looking for female models from 18 to 35 years old, with whom I'll create and produce images ranging from portraits to artistic nudes, featuring charm, glamour or lingerie.

As you will notice in certain galleries, the shoot is only the beginning of my work! I focus on colours, curves, lighting, aestheticism; but evidently respecting the models' wishes: each photo presented here always received the approval of the model before publication.


While I am reserved and respectful, I do however always work in good humour, and this positive ambience may appear unusual for neurasthenic people: you have been warned!!


Alongside photography I am also impassioned by digital video (author of several short films) and am a writing/composing pianist (music for films, advertising/TV/radio themes, songs...).


Thanks for coming to visit and for having taken the time to read.



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